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Sharylann Smith

Patti is thorough event planner. She works effectively with the public and does her best to make her events come together seamlessly. I was always impressed by her work ethic and dedication to her job. Her events were some of the most well managed that I have seen in my experience with events.

I have loved working with Patti over the course of several years, planning high-end conferences for select guests who needed to be treated with utmost care. She is stellar at finding creative solutions to challenges and executing them to perfection. She's detail oriented but laid back enough to be a valuable friend as well as colleague.

Neylan McBaine


Bonnie White

I have never known someone that can bring together a group so effectively. Her knack for finding a draw for a gathering, a venue, and entertaining while there is impeccable. Particularly, I have noticed Patti's energy and follow through when designing and executing an event. I highly recommend Patti for a function of varying size or complexity.

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Professionally, I am an event strategist who looks out for your brand, your sanity and your bottom line. My job is to understand you and your objectives and then make you look good.


Personally, I am a spouse to one, a nurturer to three and an idea-discussing, free-spirited connector to a whole tribe of people. 

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